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Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine

Living Holistic Health is Geelong’s leading Naturopathic and Nutritional Healthcare Clinic.

Our qualified team have over 20 years of experience specialising in Women and Children’s Health, Digestive Complaints, Weight Loss, Diabetes and Autoimmune Conditions.

We recognise that every person is different, and that’s why we offer a personalised approach to Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine.

We offer appointments in person at our clinic, or remotely via Telehealth or phone appointments across Australia.

We’re open 6 days a week (by appointment only).

How we work

Pin echinacea plant used in Naturopathic treatments at Living Holistic Health

Our Focus

The greatest wealth is health

We are a team of qualified naturopaths and nutritional medicine specialists, and we’re here to help you feel amazing again.

We use the power of herbs, probiotics and nutrition to get your health back on track.

Olivia Barron Geelong Naturopath

Digestive issues
Mood & Stress
Autoimmune disease
Women’s Health
Children’s Health
Weight Loss
and more

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Industry Leading Functional Testing

Our practitioners specialise in chronic health conditions, utilising the very latest in both functional and standard pathology testing to give you a superior overview of your health.

Our promise to you – we will always listen

We listen to your concerns, analyse your state of health, and design personalised treatment strategies for you to achieve your goals using the very best nutrition plans, herbal and nutrient supplementation.

Meet your practitioners

Adrian Stone – Nutritionist

Adrian is a qualified nutritionist with over ten years of experience. A co-founder of Living Holistic Health, he has dedicated his time and passion into treating his patients holistically.

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Olivia Barron – Naturopath

Olivia is a qualified naturopath with a passion for supporting those looking for long-lasting health and vitality.

Olivia specialises/has an interest in:

Gut Health & Digestive Complaints
Women's Health & Hormone Imbalances
Immune & Fatigue Issues
Mood & Stress Support

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Morgan Helmling – Naturopath

Passionate about helping patients achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle, Morgan inspires, guides and supports her patients throughout every step of their journey.

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Client Feedback

I started seeing Adrian Stone 12 months ago when my energy levels were very low, my Iron was not even close to the minimum and I had problems with my digestion/gut. I’m a new person now, fatigue free, energy levels are great and my gut is working like never has done it before. I can’t thank and recommend him enough.

- Marcela Cifuentes Vecino, Geelong 2021

Morgan has been amazing in helping with my daughters digestive issues.After being back and forth to GPS who couldn’t tell me what was going on, a friend recommended Morgan, within a month of her remedies my daughter was back to her happy and normal self. I cannot thank her enough!

- Ashlee Vandort, January, 2020

Madeline has been amazing with helping me manage chronic fatigue syndrome, PCOS and my digestive health. She ensures she understands all aspects of your health first so she can treat the core problem holistically, rather than just the symptoms. She has constantly found ways to help me improve and I have come so far since I had my first appointment with her more than 18 months ago. I’m finally beginning to feel more energetic and more like myself and I can’t thank Madeline enough for her support and commitment throughout the process. I couldn’t have done this without you, thanks so much Maddie!

- Alex Bauer, Geelong 2021