Living Holistic Health is a naturopathic and nutritional medicine healthcare clinic located in Geelong.  Founded by Morgan Helmling, our Naturopath, and Adrian Stone, our Nutritionist, in 2015, our team of practitioners specialise in chronic health conditions and treating health issues by locating and understanding the cause.

We believe that the key to your good health is much more than just the absence of the disease. It's about us helping you find the right path to long-term wellness.

Our patients are our number one priority, and we always strive to listen to your concerns. We use health assessments, cutting-edge functional pathology tests, specific nutrition plans and high-quality herbal and nutritional supplements to give you an excellent overview of your health.

We can help you to:

-          Boost your vitality and energy.

-          Improve your digestion.

-          Get rid of unwanted kilos.

-          Build effective allergy control.

-          Keep calm and less stressed.

-          Assist in preconception and pregnancy planning.

-          Give PMS, PCOS, Menopause and other hormone problems the boot.

-          Reduce those headaches, cramps and joint pains.

-          Rebalance and boost your immune system to kill unwanted infections.


To learn more about our functional, naturopathic approach to healthcare, watch this short video by our nutritionist, Adrian Stone. He explains the key strengths of our approach to your health.

Living Holistic Health is all about looking at the whole person, their history, their diet and lifestyle. This is different to just focusing on a symptom, and prescribing a drug for it. Geelong Nutritionist Adrian Stone, from Living Holistic Health, explains the key strengths to our approach to your health.

We use premium, practitioner-only supplements

Here are the high-quality brands we’ve partnered with.

Where you can find us

Living Holistic Health is located within the Medical Health Group, at 275 Ryrie Street Geelong. We are open six days a week and by appointment only.

Call us on (03) 5201 0557 to make an appointment, or click the " Book Now" button to book online.


Those who do not find time every day for health, must sacrifice a lot of time one day for illness
— Father Sebastian Kneipp
Our Clinic Room

Our Clinic Room

Our Waiting Room

Our Waiting Room

Living Holistic Health is located here, within the Medical Health Group, at 275 Ryrie Street Geelong

Living Holistic Health is located here, within the Medical Health Group, at 275 Ryrie Street Geelong