How we can help you beat the misery of allergies and food intolerances


Restoring the Balance to the Immune System

In allergic conditions, such as hayfever, eczema, sinusitis & food allergies, one part of the immune system becomes hyperactive and leads to excessive immune activity.  It is from this excessive immune activity that the problems experienced by allergy sufferers arise.


More research continues to support the use of fish oil and probiotics to reduce the risk of allergy, especially in children.

Geelong Nutritionist Adrian Stone from Living Holistic Health talks more on this important topic.

Treatment Options

Standard medical allergy treatments include steroids, antihistamines and decongestants.  These can all provide symptomatic relief, but unfortunately do little to address the underlying issue of immune imbalance. 

Our treatment strategies are designed to reduce inflammation, restore balance to the immune system and support long term immune health.  This approach is vital to manage allergies successfully in the long term, reducing the need for medication & improving overall quality of life.

Allergies are becoming more and more common in our community.

Plenty can be done to relief the symptoms of allergies using specific nutrition.

Geelong Nutritionist Adrian Stone from Living Holistic Health, explains how this can be achieved.

For further information on how to successfully manage allergies, check out the link to our blog below;

Food Intolerances

Many people suffer from food intolerances.

Dairy, soy, gluten and sugar are common.

Geelong Nutritionist Adrian Stone from Living Holistic Health talks about this in more detail.