The Power of Bio Impedance, VLA 

Cellular Health

VLA allows you to get a snapshot of how your body is coping and functioning at a cellular level. It provides an informative indicator of what may be driving your conditions and how your body is responding to treatment. 


Body Composition

What makes up your weight on the scales?  VLA can show you how much muscle you have, and the quality of it.  Be able to measure your fat stores, your hydration levels, and the fluid balance of your body.  And when your losing weight, you can accurately track how much, and what that weight loss is actually composed of.

Safe and Accurate

Bio Impedance Analysis is a highly accurate and safe tool cited in over 2000 published studies.  The reports generated by the VLA software assists you to set accurate targets with your practitioner.


VLA is an easy to use tool which will save you time. You will be able to conduct your VLA test and have printed results within minutes.