Mark Kiss - Nutritionist

Mark Kiss - Nutritionist

Mark Kiss - Nutritionist

A passionate and qualified nutritionist, Mark is all about helping people regain their health through evidence-based nutritional medicine practices. Mark is an experienced chef and uses his knowledge to explore the role of food in health and help people plan and implement dietary changes for their benefit.

Mark understands we are all individuals and one size does not fit all, therefore he tailors his nutrition plans with a combination of dietary, lifestyle and nutritional supplements to provide the best outcome for his clients.  

Specialising in weight loss, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, Mark offers a personalised approach that can guide you along your journey to improved health.

Mark’s specialities include:

-          Metabolic conditions including Diabetes management, Type 1 & 2 and Insulin resistance.

-          Weight loss, weight management and high blood pressure. 

-          Fatigue states and insomnia.

-          Dietary planning for specific health concerns.

-          Sports nutrition. 

-          Healthy ageing.


- Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition).

- Registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.