Melissa Aytan | Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

Melissa Aytan, Geelong Nutritionist specialising in infertility and IVF.

Melissa Aytan, Geelong Nutritionist specialising in infertility and IVF.

Considered as one of the family, Mel is an exceptional Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist at Living Holistic Health.

Mel specialises in the physiology and functionality of the body through functional diagnostic testing to discover the root causes of people's health concerns.  This is the window into solving the mysteries behind the causes of symptoms, and Mel's personal experience below attests to this.

"I have had first-hand experiences of how emotionally hard it can be when you know there’s something not quite right with your body and health, but no one can give you answers.

After experiencing cycle after cycle with IVF that didn’t work, I felt less like a person, and more like a science experiment.

Fed up with appointments and heartache, I decided to seek answers and studied to become a Functional Nutritionist Practitioner (FN).

As I immersed myself in this science-based and holistic approach, I began to get answers about my health that I had never had before.

Through functional diagnostic laboratory tests, I found my cortisol rhythm was off, and I was in stage 2 adrenal dysfunction.

My estrogen was moving down a toxic pathway, I had extremely low estrogen levels, and my progesterone was at post-menopausal levels. My liver was congested; I had markers of inflammation, an overgrowth of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria, food sensitivities, MTHFR and more.

All these factors were contributing to a long battle with infertility and general feelings of stress and exhaustion.

Now I had the knowledge and motivation to change.

Along with my mentor, my circumstances and the data we collected from the functional testing, we created a specific nutrition plan customised for me.

The personalised treatment plan covered nutrition, sleep, hygiene, stress management, smart supplementation and specific exercises to restore my health.

I ate REAL, whole food and followed a sensible diet based on sustainable, organic, local produce, with seafood and grass-fed, hormone-free meats and no preservatives.  The nutrition plan was refined for my metabolism, my lifestyle, my deficiencies and my goals.

I included smart and specific supplements to complement the nutrition plan and to help achieve my goal of fertility and vitality.

My body and mind LOVED it. 

I had more energy, I felt better, my moods improved, my skin and hair shone, my cycle returned, and I finally fell naturally pregnant.

I give credit to the conventional medicine and treatment I received along the way, but for me, the real change came when I looked in depth at my physiology through functional diagnostic testing to understand what the underlying causes were for my infertility and fatigue.  Once I addressed the reasons, my fertility and vitality returned. 

Years on, I am now a happy and healthy mother of an active and beautiful happy girl and a vibrant and cheerful boy.

Infertility and fatigue is my personal story, but I can help you with whatever your personal situation is.  

Whether you want help with fatigue, to clear brain fog, improve your digestion, thyroid problems, autoimmune conditions, or to feel better, I am committed to being your 'partner in health.'

Together, through a holistic, science-based approach that works, we will find answers, peace of mind and put you on the road to leading the lifestyle you want."


- Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.

- Bachelor of Applied Science and Nutritional Medicine.

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