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Diabetes – what are the warning signs?

Diabetes – what are the warning signs?

By the time people are diagnosed with diabetes, they may have been living with pre diabetes for years without knowing the signs.

Over time our body can slowly lose the ability to effectively metabolise and utilise glucose, this leads to chronic ‘high normal’ levels of blood glucose, eventually leading to high blood glucose levels and the diagnosis of diabetes.

The Aim here then is to be proactive toward your health and reduce your risk and be aware of the warning signs.

Top 5 Diet Tips for Busting Diabetes

Top 5 Diet Tips for Busting Diabetes

Are you struggling to control your diabetes?

Even though you are following the diet advice given to you by other health professionals?

I hear this all the time from my clients.

It shouldn’t be this way.

Type II Diabetes is a condition which can be hugely improved by following the correct diet.

Foods can help you lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and look after your heart!

Are you affected by high blood pressure?  Too much cholesterol?  Have a family history of cardiovascular disease?  Read about how you can look after you heart risk better with eating certain foods.  And come along to our "Better Heart Health with Nutrition" seminar in Drysdale 6.30pm Tuesday July 21st at SpringDale Neighbourhood Centre.