Foods can help you lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and look after your heart!

Based on data from the 2007–08 National Health Survey, an estimated 17% of the Australian population (3.4 million people) had a cardiovascular disease (CVD), with the prevalence similar in males (15%) and females (17%). This increased seven-fold from 10% of those aged 35–44 years to 70% of those aged 85 years or over.

Source: AIHW analysis of ABS 2007–08 National Health Survey Confidentialised Unit Record File. This is alarming. We really need to take better control of our heart health.  But is there anything we can do, besides taking medication?  Yes, we can look after our hearts with better nutrition!

Mediterranean Diet

Studies have consistently shown that those who follow the Mediterranean Lifestyle and Diet have better heart health outcomes.  That means eating 4 serves of fruit (mainly berries) and 6 serves of vegetables (mainly dark green leafy), grass fed meats, 3 tablespoons of raw extra virgin olive oil, 20-40 minutes of exercise, and the occasional glass of Pinot Noir per day.  Have fish and seafood 4 times per week.


These compounds are high in green tea (sencha or oolong), red wine (pinot noir) and even dark chocolate (85% cocoa).  Have small amounts for maximum impact, (not a whole bottle of wine, or big block of chocolate).


Beetroot juice (1 small glass), or just eating a small handful of beetroots each day will help dilate your blood vessels, and may help ease blood pressure.

Pomegrante Seeds

One cup of seeds per day can help improve the quality of your blood vessels.  You can have the juice, but it’s a bit high in sugar, so try having the seeds on salads, or mixed through veges to be served with roast meat.

NB. It is important for those taking medications to consult your health care provider before making changes to your dietary intake and/or using complementary medicines/supplements, to ensure there are no adverse reactions/interactions.

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Adrian Stone

BHSc (Nutritional Medicine)

Living Holistic Health