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Fighting Fatigue


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Fatigue is one of those things that can be a consequence and/or a symptom of ill health, and is really common in today’s society.  I mean who doesn’t feel low in energy at some stage?  That’s right, no one.  And for some people fatigue can be a daily event they have deal with, even to the point of not being able to function on a daily basis properly.  That’s why this information is so important, and hopefully you can pick up on a few key points to start making some changes, and getting yourself some more energy.

Energy – where does it come from?

Energy can come from a variety of sources (internal and external), but let’s try to keep it as simple as we can.  The main source of energy production within our bodies comes from parts of our cells, called mitochondria.  Mitochondria produce a compound called ATP, which is the main energy currency for our bodies.  No ATP = no energy, it’s that simple.  So, it makes sense that if we want more energy, then we had better look after our mitochondria.

Essential Nutrients for Energy Production



An essential mineral that help convert the sugars, fats and proteins we eat into substances ready for the mitochondria to use.  Magnesium deficiency is common, and is sucked out of our bodies when we eat processed foods and when we are stressed.  Good food sources are leafy greens, nuts, seeds and buckwheat.

Omega -3

Omega – 3 fatty acids help strengthen and protect the membranes of the mitochondria.  The also stimulate their growth and help lower stress levels.  Good food sources are oily fish, nuts and seeds, grass fed beef.  You can supplement with these, such as flaxseed or fish oil, but just make sure your get a highly purified version.

Coenzyme Q10

This is a powerful antioxidant which lives in our mitochondria, and helps to mop up any free radicals flying around and causing damage.  It’s hard to obtain through the diet, but if you eat plant based foods rich in antioxidants, and also good quality fats & oils, you will be helping your body to make more CoQ10.  It is possible to supplement, but again make sure you get a high quality version.


Resistance Exercise

Mitochondria are at their highest concentration in our muscles.  So by building up muscle through resistance exercise, you will be helping to increase the amount of mitochondria in your body, and therefore your energy production.

That’s it for the moment, if you come along to one of our seminars there will be much more information discussed about fighting fatigue.  Until next time, take control of your health naturally.