Functional vs Conventional - Finding the Missing Links in your Health

Do you find that you aren’t getting the answers to why you’re feeling so unwell?

Are you trying to find out what the cause of your health condition is?

In this video series we will look at the ways in which we would look at your health condition as Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Practitioners, which are getting results for many of our clients. We specialise in finding that missing piece of your health puzzle.

Take home points from this video;

Testing that we do can be very different to what you’ve had done by your GP or specialist. Routine blood tests don’t really give us too much information in the way that our body functions. It helps greatly with a diagnosis but if you don’t have clear-cut symptoms that match a diagnosis, you could be walking out of your appointment feeling like you are over-thinking your symptoms. Maybe starting to think that it’s now “all in my head” or that it’s just normal to have headaches every now and then, mood swings or tummy pains. What I always say to my patients that dismiss their symptoms to me is; “It’s not normal to have these symptoms but it is common, so it doesn’t mean you should put up with it”. You should never dismiss any symptom that is giving you pain, discomfort, fatigue etc. This is your body’s way of telling you something is not right.

We as Naturopathic practitioners assess the function of your health. For example, look at the general symptom of a constant headache. You might just take some pain relief to numb the pain, talk to the GP and they run those routine blood tests along with maybe an MRI but nothing comes back. So you are fine right… that’s what the tests show.

Well if you came to us suffering from constant headaches, we may take a case history and find that there might be something going on with your liver. But you’ve already had tests on your liver with your GP in those routine blood tests and it all came back fine. So what we would do for you is that we maybe send you away with a liver detox profile test which looks at how well your liver is functioning. The liver is a fascinating organ in that it breaks down waste and helps to excrete it from the body. So, if this is not working at its best, this waste canrecirculate and cause headaches as a symptom. When we find the answer, or the cause for you symptoms, we address that and you start to feel better quite quickly. So in short; there is more to looking at a basic blood test, it’s also important to see how well a particular organ is functioning.

Another example can be skin rashes. Doctors may test you to see if you’re allergic to certain foods, grasses, dust mites or they might even send you to a Dermatologist or Allergist. If this came back as eczema and they can’t find the reason to why it has come up they give you a steroid cream to use daily and that’s it, your eczema is now healed… wrong! What happens when you stop using that steroid cream? It comes back doesn’t it? What we would do here is take a full case history and maybe even ask question around your digestive health. With this line of questioning and maybe running a food intolerance test or stool test (not the same tests from GPs) using a reputable lab, we may actually find the cause of your eczema. We then go in and treat the cause and most of the time the eczema is cleared up permanently.

Our approach to your health is comprehensive, we use tests from labs that are reputable and most of the time get you the answers you’ve been looking for. We work on your health through nutritional, herbal, diet and lifestyle medicine that can get some amazing results that can be life-long. We educate you on why YOUR body reacts a certain way and implement methods to re-balance it. Each individual is unique in their health so we treat you as an individual.