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Understanding your Genetics – the future of personalised healthcare

genetic testing

Genetics and your health – more than just MTHFR?

Many of my clients are talking to me about their MTHFR gene.

They have tested positive for a gene mutation, and they’re concerned about what impact it’s having on their health.

It’s fantastic that my clients are really focussed on improving their health, and I’m sure that you are too.

But just how important is the MTHFR gene in the overall scheme of your health?

What you need to understand about the MTHFR gene is that it’s literally only one gene out of thousands in your body.

With genetics, it’s very important to look at the whole picture, rather than just one little part.

MTHFR is a very important part, as are all the other genetic markers.

What are SNP’s?

Genetic markers, like MTHFR, are also known as a SNP’s.

SNP’s are enzymes that help the chemical pathways in your body make energy, detox, lose weight, balance your hormones, reduce pain and inflammation.

When they are well looked after with the right nutrition, low stress, low environmental toxicity, and a happy, well balanced lifestyle, they normally function well.

If they’re not well looked after, they can start to malfunction, and create issues for you.

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Nutrigenomics – the critical factor for your genes

Genetics determine your biological make up based on what you inherited from your parents, and them from theirs.

Your genes rely on nutrients to function, and this science is called nutrigenomics.

Nutrigenomics describes the relationship between what you eat, your environment and lifestyle, and your genes.

Your diet and lifestyle can increase or decrease your risk of developing any inherited health diseases from your ancestors.

Nutrigenomics teaches us that nothing is inevitable when it comes to hereditary diseases.

If you understand your genes, then you can switch them on or off with the food you eat, and the way you live.

This is a revolutionary way of looking at health.

It empowers us as individuals to make long lasting health changes that will have a significant impact on our health for the rest of our lives.

genetic testing

Genetic Testing – your blueprint for optimal health

The future is now when it comes to genetics.

Genetic testing is now available commercially.

It’s more cost effective and can give you more insight into your optimal diet and lifestyle.

Understanding your genetic make up from a naturopathic point of view can give you vital information on what food, lifestyle and environments can trigger certain reactions in your body such as pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular risks, gut related symptoms, thyroid conditions and much, much more.

Knowing your genes will open your eyes up to the advantages of good nutrition.

You’ll know your precise nutritional requirements, thus a creating a meal plan specific to you as the individual and not treating just the condition.

We can for the first time say, your unique treatment is only unique to you!

Think of your genetics as a road map.

Your genes tell you which way you’re heading, but food, environment and lifestyle can alter your direction to give you a new destination.

Sometimes there are roadblocks in the way.

That’s when we use nutrition to unblock the road, so things run a little smoother.

Having a genetic test, and adjusting your diet and lifestyle to best match them, will help you to age slower, improve your quality of life, help you feel less stressed and help prevent health problems that your family members may have had to deal with for years.

genetic testing

Would you like to get your genetics tested?

Myself and our team are all highly skilled and trained in genetic testing for optimal health and wellness, and we can certainly recommend the best genetic test lab to get your health blueprint sorted.

If you’d like to get started, I’d be thrilled to assist you on your journey to better health.

Thank you,

Morgan Helmling