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Morgan's Top 5 tips for a healthy Easter

As the Easter holiday break approaches, we sometimes over indulge in all the yummy things like chocolate and hot cross buns.

When we eat the “naughty” foods, guilt creeps in because we know we really shouldn’t be doing it.

Well, I give you permission to indulge a little for the 4 day Easter Weekend starting from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

More importantly, give yourself permission to enjoy the 4 day long weekend!

BUT it should only be for those 4 days… I know it’s hard but your body will thank you for it.

I’m often telling my clients you’ve been so good with your food choices so Christmas, Easter, your birthday and mothers/fathers day are the ultimate times to relax without the guilt.

You’ve been so good with your food choices so Christmas, Easter, your birthday and Mothers/Fathers day are the ultimate times to relax without the guilt.

With that being said, we can also reduce some of the damage we do while we splurge on the chocolates and hot cross buns.

Here are my 5 top tips for a healthy Easter, while still enjoying the fun of eating something a bit naughty.

Healthy Nutrition Tips for the Easter Break

1. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Have a squeeze of lemon or lime juice in water before main meals. It’ll help kick start your digestive system, help protect the body when eating acidic foods like chocolate, and helps detox your system.

Healthy Nutrition Tips by Morgan Helming.

2. Butter is better (relatively)

Use butter not margarine on your hot cross buns. Butter provides us with some fat soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, E & K. These are so important for many functions in our body, including gut healing, immune boosting and anti-ageing actions. Good fats like butter are not highly processed like margarine, and it also keeps you fuller for longer.  This will help you not to eat too much over the break.

Nutrition tips for surviving unhealthy weekends.

3. Work it baby.

Get out and exercise. Go for walks with the family, take the kids to park or find out what fun activities are on around your area. Bush walking is a great thing to do at this time of the year as it’s neither hot or cold around this time of the year generally. Exercise after you eat, it’ll help your burn of the excess carbs quicker, and not leave them hanging around your middle.

Nutrition and relaxation. Healthy Easter ideas

4. Let the creative juices flow

Get creative and have some down time away from electronics; avoid the TV, laptop, phone for the 4 days. Think about doing something else like reading a book, make something, paint, colour, whatever you feel like doing. Listen to the radio and dance in your lounge room, do some meditation or yoga. All of this will help you to destress, recharge your batteries and lift your mood.

Flush out excess toxins this Easter by drinking water regularly.

5. Water

Drink plenty of water- stay hydrated. Sugar/carbs will dehydrate you.  Flush out excess toxins through your kidneys and you body will thank you for it.

From all of us at Living Holistic Health, we hope you have a happy and safe Easter with your family.

And make sure you don’t feel too guilty about your food choices this weekend.

Tuesday – we’ll all get back on track.

Happy Easter, Morgan.

Morgan Helming is co-founder of Living Holistic Health and an experienced clinical Naturopath who inspires her patients to reach their health potential. Morgan is joined at Living Holistic Health with co-founder Nutritionist Adrian Stone and Naturopath Madeline Sheppard. Living Holistic health is a Geelong based alternative and holistic health clinic.