Women clutching stomach with period pain

PERIOD PAIN – a warning sign

PERIOD PAIN – a warning sign


Period pain is a danger signal your body is sending to you that something isn’t right.

Just because it’s common, doesn’t mean it’s normal.

You can feel the nuances of your menstrual cycle through the month.

But pain is a red flag.

If you ignore it, then you may well be inviting future horrific agony with disastrous emotional, psychological and physiological effects.

What is period pain?

Anything from the crampy, painful, achy feeling you may get a few days out from your period which is annoying but bearable.

But you could have the more extreme symptoms such as pain in the lower back, stomach, even legs, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and loose bowels which can be a nightmare.

Why do some women get period pain?

period pain

In a nutshell, it’s because your hormones are out of balance.

This can happen for heaps of reasons, like genetics, toxins from chemicals and foods,  blood sugar issues, not enough nutrients, immune system dramas and thyroid problems.

Once there’s an issue, your body starts making huge amounts of inflammatory chemicals called prostaglandins.

These cause the spasms, cramping and pain that you feel.

Why you must take action on your period pain now

Remember, the pain you feel is a signal that something’s not right.

If you ignore it, your hormones can spiral out of control and turn into nasty health conditions, like;


Is a condition in which the cells that normally form a lining in the uterus also grow in the muscle wall of the uterus.  It is common to also have endometriosis alongside adenomyosis.


Is a condition in which cells similar to those found in the lining of the uterus (endometrium), grow outside the uterus.

In both these conditions the cells outside the uterus undergo the same changes as the lining cells of the uterus causing abnormal uterus cell growth, bleeding and pain.

Uterine fibroids

Are noncancerous growths in the wall of the uterus which can cause pain.

Pelvic Inflammatory disease

Is infection of the female reproductive organs, usually caused by sexually transmitted bacteria.

Cervical stenosis

Is when the opening of the cervix is small enough to impede menstrual flow, causing painful increase of pressure within the uterus.

Doesn’t just taking the Pill fix Period Pain?

period pain

NO, it doesn’t!

It makes me so angry when young women are given this by their doctor.

Taking the Pill/mirena/rod/injection might make you feel better in the short term.

But it’ll never fix the underlying cause of your hormone imbalance.

Why not?

Because your imbalance is determined by the way your body is producing and processing your hormones.

Putting fake ones into you does NOTHING to fix your hormone PRODUCTION nor PROCESSING!

They’ll only make your period pain feel less, when you’re on them.

But what happens when you want to come off the Pill?

Will your period pain come back? Probably.

Will your hormone balance be sorted out? Probably no.

So if the Pill isn’t the right long term fix for my period pain, what should I do?

Your best bet is to see someone who understands how to fix your hormones up properly.

That doesn’t mean just inserting a mirena inside of you, or putting a bunch of fake hormones into your arm or mouth everyday.

I see so many women who have been fed all these fake hormone band aids, who feel better at the time, but end up suffering the nasty health conditions I talked about before.

Bottom line is that the suffering related to your period pain is unnecessary and can be managed really well through specific nutrition, nutrients and lifestyle habits.

There’s a ton of powerful natural treatments and amazing nutritional plans available.

Just find someone who understands what is causing your period pain, and can give you the best treatment to fix it.

And do it now, because the longer you leave it, the bigger your risk for getting one of those horrible conditions I told you about before.

And the harder it is to fix also.

If you need my help, and you’re in the Geelong area I’d be happy to assist you too.

Nutritionist Adrian Stone and Naturopath Morgan Helming at Living Holistic Health, a Geelong based alternative and holistic health clinic.