Hayley Reynolds, November 2018

I highly recommend Living Holistic Health! After almost 10 years of hormonal and digestive issues, Adrian was able to educate and empower with the tools to take control of my health again, and within a few weeks, I started to see amazing changes and results! Thank you!!

Jack Green, June 2019

Adrian and Morgan are excellent! They take the time to really figure out what is wrong and what is going to be most appropriate to fix your problem!

Great stuff guys! Keep it up!

Rhys Webber, November 2019

Went to see mark about losing stubborn fat and gaining some energy thru my diet after 5 weeks I’m feeling great and hit my goal weight. Mark done a great job with providing helpful information and delicious recipes for the diet to follow.

Phil Pundij, December, 2019

I have been seeing Adrian and he has completely eradicated a gut issue I had for over two years. Adrian has a client first attitude and a vast array of knowledge and experience in the field. I have the highest praise for the work Adrian does at Living Holistic Health Geelong!! Thank you Adrian!

Ashlee Vandort, January, 2020

Morgan has been amazing in helping with my daughters digestive issues.After being back and forth to GPS who couldn’t tell me what was going on, a friend recommended Morgan, within a month of her remedies my daughter was back to her happy and normal self. I cannot thank her enough!

Laura Thistlethwaite, August, 2019

Adrian was so helpful! He really helped me to feel better and his treatment helped so much. Thanks Adrian!