Sport Nutrition Diet

Top five tips to improve your recovery with better sports nutrition

Tip #1 – Consume a good quality carbohydrate/ protein combined snack within 45 minutes post workout.

You want to switch your body from muscle depleting to muscle building.

This can be done with something as simple as a cup (large handful) of fruit salad with natural yoghurt, topped with a raw nut mix.

·        Cut up some fruit yourself at home, (bananas, melon, apple, berries, pineapple kiwi, grapes), and put it in a small sealable container.

·        Spoon some natural yogurt (such as fiveam) on top.

·        Sprinkle a small handful of your choice raw nuts/seeds (crush them up if you want), then refrigerate.

·         Do your workout/training, then eat it on your way home/commute to work.  Yummo.

 Tip # 2 – Have a beetroot juice 30 minutes pre-workout.

Beetroot has been shown to increase blood flow to the muscles.  This will help you recover quicker and better, and also improve your performance.

Beetroot Juice Blast

Juice up the following

·        2-3 small beetroots

·        1 small apple

·        1 medium carrot

·        2 medium oranges

·        Squeeze of lemon

Pour over ice, and drink 30 minutes prior to workout.

 Tip # 3 – Eat anti – inflammatory foods everyday

You want to repair your muscle tissue as fast as you can, so make sure your main meals contain a mixture of anti-inflammatory foods such as

·        Salmon/tuna

·        Chia/pumpkin seeds

·        kidney beans

·        tofu

·        squash & avocado

·        broccoli & cauliflower

·        grass fed beef.

 Tip #4 – Support your immune system by eating glutamine rich foods

Overtraining and improper recovery can suppress your immune system, leading to frequent infections.  Eat plenty of immune boosting foods with glutamine & zinc, such as

·        beans and legumes

·        seafood

·        grass fed beef and lamb

·        almonds, pumpkin seeds & pistachios

 Tip #5 – Rehydrate before you train, not after!

The key to staying hydrated is to consume adequate water before you start training, not just when you feel thirsty.  This is because you will always sweat out more than you can put back in.  Aim for 2-3 litres consistently per day, more when you are training.