Olivia Barron


Olivia is a qualified naturopath with a passion for supporting those looking for long-lasting health and vitality.


She prides herself on creating a positive, judgement-free space to support patients along their health journeys.


She believes the key to optimal wellbeing starts with a solid foundation of healthy habits that support us physically, mentally and emotionally.


Olivia carefully tunes into individual needs and goals to create personalised treatment plans using traditional and evidence-based naturopathic therapies.


Empowerment through education is a cornerstone of Olivia’s practice.


She ensures her patients leave each consultation with a greater knowledge of the fundamentals of good health and how their bodies work.

Olivia specialises/has an interest in:

  • Gut Health & Digestive Complaints
  • Women’s Health & Hormone Imbalances
  • Immune & Fatigue Issues
  • Mood & Stress Support

Vitality, or the vital force of a person, is one of the foundational tenets of naturopathic philosophy.

The Vital Force refers to the innate power that each micro organism uses to maintain its balance, and be healthy.

By stimulating the vitality of an individual, a naturopath can help the body fast track its path to healing and better health.

But how is this best done?

Our naturopath Olivia, from Living Holistic Health in Geelong, explains the keys she seeks to unlock vitality in her patients.