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“Adrian was so helpful! He really helped me to feel better and his treatment helped so much. Thanks Adrian!
— Laura Thistlethwaite, August, 2019

“Morgan has been amazing in helping with my daughters digestive issues.After being back and forth to GPS who couldn’t tell me what was going on, a friend recommended Morgan, within a month of her remedies my daughter was back to her happy and normal self. I cannot thank her enough!
— Ashlee Vandort, January, 2020

“I have been seeing Adrian and he has completely eradicated a gut issue I had for over two years. Adrian has a client first attitude and a vast array of knowledge and experience in the field. I have the highest praise for the work Adrian does at Living Holistic Health Geelong!! Thank you Adrian!
— Phil Pundij, December, 2019

“…thank you Adrian and the crew at LHH. For being so caring, polite and actually taking the time to listen and understand that I had something very uncommon. I will never be able to thank you enough. (see below to read Dave’s full testimonial)
— Dave Aughton, December 2019

Read Daves’s full story here.
“My hubby and I were facing some mid life health issues and needed help. I was about to have major back surgery and hubby was going to take on all the domestic duties including shopping and cooking. Something that he never did other than burn the bbq. Mark Kiss listened to our needs and took into consideration our health issues and he created us a 4 week meal plan. It include a comprehensive shopping list and recipes for each week. Here we are four weeks in and hubby is now a master chef, loving cooking and shopping. It’s been so easy to follow. We haven’t been hungry ever. In fact it’s totally changed how we approach food. We are feeling fabulous with so much more energy and the fantastic side effect is we’re loosing weight. Hubby 6 kg and me 5.
We would highly recommend going and having a chat with Mark. He listens and understands the challenges. Best of all he personally makes a program for you based or your needs and your food likes.

“Adrian and Morgan are excellent! They take the time to really figure out what is wrong and what is going to be most appropriate to fix your problem!
Great stuff guys! Keep it up!
— Jack Green, June 2019

“I highly recommend Living Holistic Health! After almost 10 years of hormonal and digestive issues, Adrian was able to educate and empower with the tools to take control of my health again, and within a few weeks, I started to see amazing changes and results! Thank you!!
— Hayley Reynolds, November 2018

“After sufferering from gut issues for many years and have doctors say ‘it’s IBS’, just don’t eat food that make you feel bad !! Well eventually that was 80% of the food chain & finding Adrian was a God sent… seriously he was able to identify straight away that I had ‘leaky gut’, I went on a healing diet along with a list of natural things to help heal it & I can now say I am so well & healthy I’m telling as many people as I can about these guys, they know their stuff & can start healing you from the root causes of your problem restore you to a healthier version of yourself:))) Healthy Life… Happy Life ….
— Grace McEwen, September 2019

Highly recommended – we have found that with Adrian’s knowledge and advice we have been able to sort out some health issues and get on the right track to better health. Very easy to deal with, patient and knowledgeable. Thanks Adrian for your help and advice!

— Narelle Hynson, December 2018

Adrian has been a pleasure to work with during my diagnosis and healing process.
His insight and assistance is greatly appreciated and I am so grateful to be able to heal with personalized natural methods.
Very much recommended to all of my family and friends.

— Justyce Dixon McConachy, July 2018

Adrian listens closely and asks great questions. His breadth and depth of knowledge are obvious. Diagnosis and treatment have been life-changing for me. It’s such a relief to know I am in good hands.

— Merry Watson, Geelong. September, 2018

I highly recommend Living Holistic. I started seeing Adrian over a year ago suffering gut issues, constant colds, viral infections and anxiety. Through education, supplements and a change in diet I am now no longer taking antidepressants, have not had cold or flu and my gut issues are mostly symptom free. I could not have done it without Adrian’s perseverance and support, and it is definitely worth the hard work!

— Brooke Lamden, Geelong. August, 2018

I have seen Morgan a few times. She managed to fix a problem I have had for over a decade. The problem has returned but I feel very confident knowing that she will get to the core of the problem in no time.

— Monique Gharios, Geelong. July, 2018

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