Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair is the second most metabolically active tissue in the body.

Hair is the second most metabolically active tissue in the body. By the very nature of its formation as a biological sample, it may provide a permanent record of the metabolic activity occurring within your body during its period of growth. Several reports have concluded that human hair may be a more appropriate tissue than blood or urine for studying community exposure to some trace metals.

Exposures to environmental toxins is an unavoidable fact of life, and both the burden and the in built capacity of our bodies to deal with them has been linked to many health conditions, with further evidence continuing to emerge.

Advantages of hair analysis

  • Hair specimens can be collected more quickly and easily than blood, urine or any other tissue, using a non- invasive method.
  • long term deviations of mineral retention or losses are more easily detected in hair than blood.
    concentrations of most elements in the hair are significantly higher than those found in the blood and other tissues.
  • hair provides a record of past as well as present trace element levels, ie biological activity.
    hair provides information about substances entering the hair from the blood serum as well as from external sources
  • hair is invaluable in the assessment of toxic metal levels

In short, we can tell a great deal about your health from just a small sample of hair!

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