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Living Holistic Health is a naturopathic and nutritional medicine healthcare clinic located in Geelong.

Founded in 2015 by Naturopath Morgan Helmling and Nurtritionist Adrian Stone. Our team of practitioners specialise in chronic health conditions and treating health issues by locating and understanding the cause.

We believe that the key to your good health is much more than just the absence of the disease. It’s about us helping you find the right path to long-term wellness.

Our Approach

At Living Holistic Health, we offer natural alternatives to improve your health and wellness. Our experienced and professional practitioners address the underlying drivers of your symptoms and use naturopathic and nutritional medicine to treat the causes.

Delving into both conventional and traditional medicine, we explore the best of both worlds and address issues the natural way.  Always up to date with the latest scientific research, testing, natural medicines, and partaking in ongoing training and seminars, we bring our knowledge and tools to the table to enhance your lifestyle.

What sets us apart from other healthcare clinics is that we take the time to look at the person as a whole, including their history, diet and lifestyle. Our approach is thorough and shaped around a holistic framework that allows us to make educated decisions that will benefit the patient. We don’t just focus on the symptom and prescribe a drug for it; we aim to understand the causes and provide a natural solution that’ll benefit you for years to come.

Our Services – How We Can Help You

Our consultation fees

  • Initial Consultation: $159
  • Return Consultation: $84

Dedicated to empowering you to lead a happier life, call us on (03) 5201 0557 to make an appointment, or book an appointment online.


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We are open 6 days per week, by appointment only. Book an appointment online via our online booking link.