Fertility and Pregnancy

Fertility and Pregnancy come with a unique set of circumstances that both benefit from the guidance that Naturopathy and Nutritional medicine can offer.

At Living Holistic Health, we like to leave ‘no stone left unturned’ when it comes to fertility. Assessing and screening the health of the egg, sperm and environment is of paramount importance in all situations whether it’s your first time trying or you’re experiencing sub-fertility issues. We like to begin preconception care at least 3 months before you and your partner start trying, whether that be through natural conception or IVF, however, its never too early to start preparing your body and your diet & lifestyle.

Our pregnancy care program also works in a similar way, because pregnancy care is so much more than simply ‘taking a pre-natal vitamin’, we assess all aspects that contribute to a healthy pregnancy. We like to time our visits with your pregnancy milestones to ensure that your treatment plan is as individualised and dynamic as you and your pregnancy are bound to be. On top of having access to second-to-none supplementation, our team are perfectly positioned to recommend other complimentary medicine practitioners that can support a healthy pregnancy such as physiotherapists, acupuncturists, mental health care workers and birth support teams. As the saying goes: “It takes a village to raise a child”, we’ve found the same applies for fertility and pregnancy care too!

We also offer support for families in the post natal period, involving breastfeeding, infant health and post-natal mental health for women and men.