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The Best Kept Secrets for Hormone Health

  • East Geelong Hub 285A McKillop Street East Geelong, VIC, 3219 Australia (map)

Our hormones rule our lives!

They're responsible for so many things in our bodies, such as;

  • energy

  • metabolism

  • mood

  • stress levels

  • reproduction and menstrual cycles

  • sleep

When there's a problem in one of these areas, hormones are often blame.

But how do you know if you have a hormone issue?

And is there anything that we can do about it, apart from taking drugs or having surgery?

Come and join us on Saturday April 13th, to discover the best kept secrets to better hormone health.

Nutritionist Adrian Stone, Naturopath Morgan Helmling and Functional Nutritionist Melissa Aytan will be presenting a 1 hour seminar about the hidden secrets to better hormones.

Included in the seminar will be;

  • understanding the most important causes of hormone issues

  • which specific hormones drive specific conditions

  • the right type of hormone testing

  • specific nutrients and foods to rebalance our hormones

    Tickets are $15 and are available now.

    We'd love to see you there!

Learn about how your hormones effect your health. This Saturday in Geelong with the Living Holistic Health crew.